We can understand that planning three trips within a year is a huge commitment and the calendar can be pretty unpredictable when you make long term plans. Life is a roller coaster and takes a sudden turn when you least expect it. Making plans is easy but sticking to them can get a little difficult. This is why, we have introduced the Loyalty Pass.

This pass delivers simple discounts every time you make your travel plans with Travel Trumpets. So, you might travel to India, then to China, then to India again and then to the Caribbean. As long as you keep making bookings with Travel Trumpets, you get a discount. Starting with a flat 3% discount right from your second trip, you get you the same discount until your 5th trip. From the 6th trip onwards, you discount increases to 5% and is applicable to all booking made there after.

No need of commitment and not prepayment. You are just being rewarded for booking with us, every time. And why wouldn't you? We offer the best destinations and trips in India with world class luxuries. Is there a better way to pamper yourself for a holiday?