The hosts

Unlike other travel companies that hand you over to different travel guides and travel agents as you move from one destination to another, the Hosts at Travel Trumpets stay with you for the entire duration of your trip. This way you always have somebody you can rely on during your entire vacation period and your luxurious stay gets a little comfortable from the word go. Simply leave everything to your hosts and enjoy your vacation. The obvious question then is, who are the Hosts?

Travel Trumpets is a travel start up of two cousins, Karan Chopra and Jalaj Dhir. Growing up in urban Delhi, Karan and Jalaj have always enjoyed the finer things in life. As the capital of the country, Delhi, too, has enjoyed the global comforts. Whether it be the best of global hospitality, the flavours of global cuisines or simply the luxury of having good food delivered to your door step, Delhi spoils you when it comes to dining. Needless to say, Karan and Jalaj are big time foodies and it is this love for food that took them to different places in the country and fall in love with them.

As children, Karan and Jalaj took many a family trips to various places in the country.  Travelling with a large family, did not offer the best of luxuries but the lack of it was compensated for by the reimagining the historical events at destinations as a unit and of course, the opportunity to taste local cuisine. As they grew up, Karan and Jalaj chose different streams of education and Karan travelled to Mumbai for his higher education. The economic capital of India, has many stories to tell about its history and many gastronomic delights to offer.  Karan and Jalaj took some time out of their schedules every few months to enjoy these.

As years went by, Karan completed his postgraduation in Computing from UK and returned back to Delhi to become a serial entrepreneur in the digital media segment while Jalaj studied to become a finance professional. After having worked in Ernst & Young for four years, his love for travel gained so much that he joined Karan as a travel warrior. Spending most of their time in closed office spaces and in front of computer screens, brought out their love for travelling and meeting people over good food. This could not happen while staying in Delhi alone and this is how the idea of Travel Trumpets was born.

As per Indian traditions, guests are accorded the status of God and the Host does everything in his power to ensure that the guest has a pleasant stay. By choosing to play Host for all the guests that arrive for a travel booking made via Travel Trumpets, Karan and Jalaj are committing to travel with all the guests for all the trips and ensure that none of the guests face any troubles during their vacation. With tie-ups in place for the best accommodations and travel arrangements, Travel Trumpets aims to deliver a stress free vacation and the Karan and Jalaj will be with you every step of the way to ensure it remains so throughout your stay in India. Experience the new India with your hosts, Karan and Jalaj, when you make your travel bookings through Travel Trumpets.