group pass

Traveling across India with a friend or two is a great experience too and if you want to make it more memorable, why not get some more friends along. You will have the company of compatriots in case you miss home but also the joy of being in the company of your friends while taking in the experience of a life time.

So, if you are a group of friends travelling together, you can benefit from travelling together when you make your bookings on Travel Trumpets. Under the Group Pass deal, any group consisting of four adults travelling together get a flat 5% discount on the booking amount. If you manage to convince another friend to come along, your discount increases to 7.5% straight away and continues to be so for all groups consisting of 5-10 members. 

If you travel group is much larger and consists of more than 10 members then you automatically qualify for the flat 10% discount on your booking when it is done together. Travel Trumpets believes in keeping its pricing and discount rates transparent and you can always contact us, if you have any doubts.

Whether you are travelling alone, with your family or as a group, Travel Trumpets has something to offer. So, while you pick the destinations of your choice for your luxurious India trip, do not forget to pick the discount pass that suits you the best and save when you book.