Family Pass

Experiencing India with your whole family is a joy that exceeds every expectation. Whether it is climbing the historic forts or taking elephant rides, walking through the tea estates or enjoying the jungle safari, you can simply take your family with you and enjoy the vacation of a life time when you come to India. All our accommodations are children friendly and arrangements can also be made if you are travelling with infants (0-2 years).

Travel Trumpets encourages you to travel with your children with its offering of a family pass. Under this deal, you get a flat 5% discount on adult's pricing and 10% discount on children’s pricing when you book for a family together.

e.g. Charges for a adult are $2000 for a trip while kids under 12 are charged a fee of $1000.

For a normal booking, of 2 adults and 2 children you would be charged,

$2000 * 2 + $1000 * 2 = $6000

However, with the family pass, you will be charged,

$2000 * 2 + $1000 * 2 - (5% of $2000) * 2 - (10% of $1000) * 2 = $5600

Infant pricing is usually half of kids pricing but we encourage you to contact us to get quote before making a booking.