At Travel Trumpets, our whole aim is to deliver holidays that are comfortable and luxurious. To do so, we have partnered with the best names in the travel and hospitality segments and work with them to ensure that your holiday goes well, right from the time you make your booking right up to the time you bid us goodbye at the final stop.

Although, we need to legally explain what our limits and liabilities are for a trip that you have/ or are looking to book, we can assure you that we will do everything in our control to see to it that no unsavoury events arise during your trip. In the unfortunate event that they do, please speak frankly to the service provider regarding the inconvenience being caused to you so that it can be fixed right away. In case, it is not attended to, do feel free to bring the matter to the notice of the Hosts travelling with you so that they can attend to it immediately.

Partners of Travel Trumpets are renowned institutions in their respective sectors with decades of experience at handling international clients. It is unlikely that their services will be disrupted due to minor instances. Yet, if they do, Travel Trumpets will make all efforts to provide accommodation and travel arrangements in the same quality segment as the one being disrupted and with minimal impact to your travel itinerary.

When visiting remote locations, Travel Trumpets ensures that you get as close to the people, their customs and way of life, when you visit them but yet their lifestyles do not get impacted by foreign influences. This is the commitment Travel Trumpets has made when it comes to it social responsibility when it comes to locals and spends them the resources for developing their neighbourhood for the good.