Privacy policy

Travel Trumpets requires your personal details such as your name, passport number, contact details, travel preferences, dietary needs, etc. and needs to share these with trusted partners such as accommodation providers, airlines, insurance providers etc. outside the country of your residence to make bookings on your behalf. These agencies may further share these details with their counterparts, which is outside the control of this website. However, Travel Trumpets will never share your details with other third party providers who engage in spamming and other activities that may directly or indirectly harm you. On their part, Travel Trumpets, themselves, will not spam your inbox or contact you over the phone with unnecessary offers related/ unrelated to your travel plans. The only time, Travel Trumpet will contact you is to communicate information regarding your travel plan/ booking or major changes to policies, offers or terms and conditions of Travel Trumpets. The website will not use your name, personal details, pictures or videos on its own website/ partner websites, without your permission.

Like any other website, Travel Trumpets also uses cookies to collect information pertaining to our website usage, remember your preferences on our website and improve user experience on our website. Making a booking also requires the use of cookies and by continuing to use our website you accept our policy on usage of cookies. Our cookies do not help us in recognizing you personally but only keep a track of your online activities to make better suggestions on our website. Additionally, these cookies will be used to show you relevant advertisements on sites that use the advertising platform we have partnered with. Refusing to use cookies might prevent you from making a booking on our site, therefore, Travel Trumpets requests all users to continue the usage of cookies when visiting our website.


  1. Travel Trumpets is a privately held organization, based in India, and its liability for this booking is limited as per local rules and regulations applicable for a travel agent.
  2. Travel Trumpets does not take any responsibility for death, illness or injury arising out of you choosing to take this trip which also includes all activities taken as part of the trip.
  3. Submission of a booking for a travel plan assumes that you have read, understand and accepted our terms and conditions for website use as well as our policies on payments and cancellations.
  4. All booking requests received are presumed to be made by a sane adult and any requests for cancellation will be dealt with as per payments and cancellation policy of the company.
  5. Travel Trumpets reserves the right to alter or cancel either a part or the entire trip due to unseen circumstances and cannot be held responsible for any loss arising out of any other bookings that you might have made through another travel agent or activity provider.
  6. While we take utmost care to ensure that your trip is a luxurious one, depending on the travel plan chosen by you part of your travel itinerary may include accommodation or travel which is comparatively lower than that has been on offer during the trip (in remote areas). Travel Trumpets does not entertain any requests for refunds arising out of such situations.
  7. All travel itineraries displayed on our site are only sample ones and Travel Trumpets is not contractually obligated to fulfil them. Itineraries delivered to you during confirmation of your booking are final. Yet, Travel Trumpets may have to alter these during the trip due to unforeseen circumstances such as flight cancellations, accommodation cancellations, political conditions, extreme weather etc.
  8. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction.