Frequently asked questions

Q: When can I book a trip?

A: You may book a trip anytime you make up your mind. We accept bookings as early as a year in advance and may even be able to slot you into a tour, if you happen to be at the origin city of each tour. When in doubt, just contact us with details of the trip you wish to take and we will guide you.

Q: Is it safe to travel alone in India?

A: Of course, it is. Most Indian cities are safe to travel to and commute in. We do recommend not staying out late into the night but while on the tour you will be accompanied by other trip members and of course, your Hosts for the trip.

Q: If I am travelling solo, do I get solo rooms?

A: Most of the hotel bookings done are on a twin sharing basis. Having said that getting single accommodation is also possible on certain trips. Please send us your request for single accommodation before you arrive in India and we will confirm its availability as soon as possible.

Q: What food will I be served during the trip?

A: Where applicable, your trip costs include the charges for meals. Meals might be breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on the itinerary and will largely include local cuisine. Restaurants of these hotels are likely to offer global cuisines but these may or may not be included in your trip costs and would have to be paid as is at the restaurant.

Q: Can I drink while I am in India?

A: Definitely, you can but in private i.e. as part of room service or at an authorised bar. Certain states in the country have a ban on liquor consumption and you must be exercise caution when travelling through these states.

Q: How do I pay in India?

A: The Indian Rupee (INR) is the local currency of India. In addition, certain places do accept the US dollar. However, it is advised to carry the local currency with you for a hassle free travel experience. A note of caution that old notes of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- have been withdrawn from circulation and are no longer legal tender. Do not carry these notes or accept these notes on your trip. Credit and debit cards from Visa / Master Card are most commonly accepted cards in India.

Q: What clothes should I bring to India?

A: Considering that India is a tropical country, you will find the weather quite pleasant around the year. Unless you are taking a trip in the Himalayas, light coloured loose cotton clothing should be perfect for all occasions.

Q: Will my phone work in India?

A: Mobile penetration in India is pretty good and most international carriers have tie ups with Indian carriers. Yet, India is a large country and there might be areas where your phones may not work. High speed mobile internet is still new in India and so are public Wi-Fi hotspots. Do not expect these services everywhere. Eletrical connections in India work at 240V, 50Hz with a slightly different plug pin. A universal travel adaptor is recommended and can be purchased on arrival.

Q: Do people tip often in India?

A: Tipping staff at restaurants, hotels and local guides is common custom in India. Unlike other countries though, there is no set percentage that constitutes a good tip. If you like the service, you tip generously.

Q: Is insurance included in this trip?

A: No. The bookings you make Travel Trumpets does not include your trip insurance. You are free to buy insurance with any travel insurance company as per your requirements.

Q: Does Travel Trumpets book my flights to and from India?

A: No. Travel Trumpets is not involved in booking your flights to and from India. It is therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you keep sufficient buffer time between your flights and the travel itinerary booked. In case, you need help deciding which flights to take, simply contact us and we would be happy to assist you. Do intimate us your flight details once you book your tickets so that our Hosts will be there to receive you when you arrive.