The travel trumpets

Everybody has ‘Travel to India’ on their bucket list and why not? It is only in India where you can experience the chills of the Himalayas, the warm waters of the Kanyakumari, the green tea estates of Assam and the pristine white desert sands of Kutch in the west. Add to it, the hustle bustle of the bazaars, the colourful attires that vary from region to region, the vibrance of growing economy, the energy of its youth and the warmth of the people everywhere you go and India becomes the destination you want to visit again and again.

India is also the destination if you are seeking a spiritual way of life or looking for success stories in trying conditions, relive the struggle for independence or witness the wonderful blend of cultures of the locals and colonising nations whether in people, their clothing, architecture or simply the way of life. Whether your interests are in music or people, buildings or in food, wonders of Mother Nature or nation’s quest to become a super power in the world, India has story to tell and there is no better way to know it rather than being here and experiencing it.

There are many websites out there giving you information on how to travel to India, how to prepare and what to do once there. Some even draw up your travel itinerary for you and take care of you once you land here. But most of these sites take you around in overcrowded trains, put you up in unhygienic hotels and make you sweat it out on the busy streets all in the name of the “Indian Experience”. This could not be further from the truth. Life in India offers the best of world’s luxuries and there is no reason why you should not experience it.

This is why, you must book your India trip with us, Travel Trumpets.  Not only do we chalk out the best travel itineraries for you, we also plan them with the most luxurious of travel and lodging arrangements. Stay with world renowned Indian hotels with 5-star ratings, commute in the most luxurious and comfortable cars and travel across cities in the shortest time possible with the best of Indian air carriers. We handpick our local guides for you so that you experience the destination in its truest form by knowing the history, the culture and the significance of place in modern India.

Just in case, you need a little help, your hosts will accompany you along on the trip and take care of any issues that might arise during your trip. Your hosts are not only your travel buddies but also helping hands that will ensure that your trip is enjoyable and memorable.